Harnessing the power of the sun against the state and market institutions


(far left 30 watts; two pieces of 50 watts and far right 20 watts = 150 watts)

Prior to wattage increase our batteries commonly experience low voltage status. We are aware that our 60 watts solar panel set-up is not enough to charge two units of starter batteries with 12 volts / 50 amperes specifications. One of the batteries belongs to Etniko Bandido (EB) Infoshop; they let us use their unit while they are on the process of completing their equipment.

We installed additional wattage last first week of October and we are now using 150 watts solar panel.  Our upgraded set-up is capable of fully charging two-battery units in four to five hours period.


During “ber” (last quarter of the year) months, daylight normally starts at 7 AM, efficient charging process take place as the intensity of light increases. Full charge light indicator of 10 ampere solar control charger blinks slowly at past 11 AM.

Currently, we are enjoying free electricity we use to power-up 5 watts LED bulb in the library; 5 watts LED bulb in the kitchen, 3 watts LED bulb in the bathroom, 40 watts desktop monitor (daytime use only), 1 ampere computer speaker (daytime use only), 0.5 ampere computer fan we use as mini-electric fan, (daytime use only) 1 ampere mobile phone charger, 1 ampere tablet charger and 1 ampere telpad dock charger.


Our infoshop strongly believes that climate change is unequivocal.  It caused destruction of lives and loss of livelihood of millions of people mainly in the global south. Poor and marginalized communities are the prime victims of negative impact of changing weather pattern characterized by stronger cyclones, landslides, flashfloods, increase of sea level, desertification  and among others.

The discussions and negotiations with regard to climate change at international level is not working, it did not decrease green house gases emission and it deceive people by promoting false solutions such as carbon offsetting.

The efforts of advocates and civil society in general are focused in negotiations and engaging the government without giving serious attention to doable alternatives at the grassroots level.  Philippine’s share of green house gases constitute a very tiny fraction, but this is no excuse not to change our activities that are dependent in dirty energy.

  kr(10 ampere solar control charger and 500 watts inverter)


(two units of starter batteries – 12 volts 50 amperes)

We are focusing our effort to improve our existing capacity to efficiently utilize renewable energy particularly solar power.

Power being one of the basic necessities of millions of poor families in the archipelago offers practical and strategic opportunity for those who are consciously advocating social revolution; it is a direct action against exploitation of state and market institutions while promoting ecology-friendly way of living.

The production of solar cells is an imminent threat to the coastal areas; we conducted few brainstorming and discussions aiming to seek solution.  So far we have limited data and information but we are committed to conduct study.

Mobile Anarchist School (MAS) contributed a lot to this project; due to skills, information and resources sharing conducted by MAS we able to understand and apply the technology into our daily activities.

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