An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines


Like any other hierarchical societies, ours is characterized by inequity and social injustice which left many of us poor and deprived. Huge numbers of people in the archipelago are living way below poverty threshold particularly in rural areas.

Maintaining a community-based resource center is always a challenge for many autonomous activists in our locality; we are aware that there are communities and collectives facing more difficult situation compare to us and this gives us deeper inspiration and strength to keep doing things relevant to social revolution.

If you think we are worthy of your support; please patronize our merchandise


                                                                   “In Defense of Autonomy” –  If Raja Humabon accepted Christianity and vassalage, Lapu-Lapu’s group in the island of Mactan isset to defend the autonomy of their community  against authoritarian Spain.


“DISOBEY” – Henry David Thoreua


Cavite Shipyard Strike – the first recorded strike in Philippine history. No boss, party, no leader, DIRECT ACTION!







Colors: Black, White, Smoke gray and white

Sizes: small,medium large, XL and baby T



Philippinen Interview interviews of two anarchists from the archipelago conducted by an anarchist lecturer/writer (Gabriel Khun). Originally published in German journal.   

Archipelagic Confederation – The Re-emegence of Philippine Anarchism (An alternative political structure  beyond repesentation and state politics. Advancing genuine citizen’s pilitics through free assemblies and independent structures from the barangays and community.

Indokumentado Newsletter content: interview conducted by Klaus Petrus during world’s biggest anarchist gathering in St. Imier in Switzerland and position paper of Local Autonomous Network on Climate Change issue (in Tagalog).

Anarchist Evolution in the Archipelago (in Tagalog) – a concised presentation of anarchist ideas/experience in the archipelago.

for queries, please email or call us:


Tel no: (02) 8080418


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  1. bogs
    January 27, 2016

    How much ? And how to purchase. Tnx !

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