An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines

Food Not Bombs Solidarity Action

pagkain para sa lahat


November 17, 2018 at Welcome Rotonda Quezon City, Philippines around 70 people from different parts of Metro Manila and nearby provinces gathered to share food, conduct art workshop, provide free hair cut for the homeless and share information to the public.

Autonomous activists, anarchists and peace warriors conducted a program to condemn state sponsored killings of the Duterte administration through “Tokhang” — a war on drugs campaign the killed thousands of people mostly from poor communities.  The creative and non-violent resistance was also set to attack inequality which resulted to poverty and hunger.

Local autonomous activists adopted Food Not Bombs (FNB) tactic due to its applicability in terms of action and propaganda. over 10 million people in the archipelago go hungry every year. The latest record puts the number unemployed and underemployed people at about 4.5 million. Every year, almost one million women and men want to leave the country to seek job opportunities. The country has one of the largest numbers of malnourished children in the world. In 2000, the country ranked 77 out of more than 150 countries with poverty incidence of 34%. The human development index (HDI) figure was 0.656


Since 2016, a total of 4,279 drug suspects have been killed according to Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar. The Philippine National Police (PNP) reported last week that there 22,983 cases of killings which they described as “Death Under Inquiry” (DUI) from July 2016 to May 2018. The PNP Directorate of Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) also noted that there are at least 33 persons a day were killed.

The government came out with the “real numbers” to counter the high figures of killings from civil society and opposition party which reported as high as 12,000.


The poverty background of our society would help explain why FNB became prevalent in many cities and rural areas. Metro Manila cities are swarmed with FNB crews that operates in autonomous manner. Sapang-Palay and Baliwag Bulacan are consistent in their voluntary actions. Davao, Cebu, Naga, Cavite, Lucena, Tayabas etc. are keep on providing solidarity to marginalized while also sharing relevant information about social issues.

Many FNB volunteers, punks and autonomous activists were also part of Biag, Buhay, Ikabuhi campaign – a creative resistance and direct action affirming the value of life. These series of activities are intended to promote awareness about the issue of rampant killings that commenced during the early months of Duterte administration. This network of people also able to produced and published MANLABAN ZINE, a collection of essays image depicting the massacre taking-place due to “War on Drugs” campaign. The network of people particularly demanding the outright stoppage of killings.


Four FNB volunteers are dead and one is incarcerated. He is in the detention cell in Sta. Fe Bantayan Island Cebu.

FNB Volunteers are here to criticize social injustices that we are enduring many decades ago. Our criticisms employ only peaceful and non-violent methods to effectively convey our MESSAGES OF PEACE, EQUALITY, ECOLOGY & LOVE. We are armed nothing but utensils, cook set and dishes. Our ammunitions are books, zines, documents and skills-sharing workshops. We share nutritious food and relevant information because we know that this our contribution to the over-all initiatives of many communities around the world that is set to end poverty and war by uprooting the system from its core. By eliminating hierarchy and control.





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