Bankaw Revolt

Transcript of The Bankaw Revolt

It is spiritual  uprising against the Spanish Colony led by Bancao or Bankaw.
It lasted for 2 years. 1621-1622. The leader of this revolt was Bankaw. He is the Datu of Limasawa, Carigara, Abuyog, Sugod.
After almost 50 years, he entertained the idea of going back to their indigenous practices.This idea was inspired by the earlier uprising in Bohol that was led by Tamblot.Pagali- on some versions of this revolt, he was the son of Bankaw. Bust some also says that Pagali was a native priest that helped Bankaw in building the temple for the Diwatas.

Melchor De Vera was the Spanish priest who reported the uprising to the Alcalde-Mayor. Juan De Alcarazo, who was the Alcalde-Mayor who thought of the way to prevent the revolt.

The rebels were caught. Bankaw and his son were killed. His other son was beheaded and his daughter was captivated. One babaylan was burned at stake. And Bankaw was put on a plate to serve as a warning to the public for any plans of revolt.
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