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By Bernie Lopez

Thousands of tunnels vs Israel’s land-sea-air blockade

The ‘Gaza Tunnels’ demonstrates the power of human endurance against all odds. The cause of the current war is the strangling of the Palestinian economy in the Gaza Strip by Israel’s massive land-sea-air blockade. Indeed, this blockade is a form of genocide worse than the current airstrikes. The thousands of tunnels from Gaza to Egypt are a reaction to the economic blockade by Israel. Israelis want the tunnels destroyed. The Palestinians will agree if the blockade is lifted.


About $700 million a year in goods, food, medicine, hardware, appliances pass through the tunnels. The tunnel maize employs 7,000 Palestinians. A third of Gaza’s economy depends on the tunnels. There are the ‘tunnel tycoons’ who finance the massive operations.

Israel has a neurotic fear of the tunnels as the conduits for arms. In the process, they also deny food and survival. If Israel destroys the tunnels, they have to lift the blockade, otherwise it is genocide. Cornered, the Palestinians will endure anything, even the destruction of their cities, to survive. They would rather die from missiles than from hunger. The heavens cry out for vengeance for spilt Palestinian blood. The US is part of the Israeli war crimes. There will be a day of reckoning for genocide. Not a stone will be left unturned.


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