An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines



[Art & Ecological Demonstration]

The proposed idea

This is an event. This is a happening which is being organized by autonomous individuals and activists, independent or free from any party affiliations or allegiance.

This has something to do with today’s most pressing issue, this is an active analysis, an attempt to provide alternatives and a direct action.
Art as a mode of communication. Art is the main medium to express creative resistance through visuals, images, music, poetry, theater and other forms like installations. This assemblage is both innovative and practical application of a live experimentation.

Ecology is the privileged theme because it encompasses everything. The truth of the matter is, we cannot deny, it does not matter what particular status or class you belong to the society, we breathe the same air. The hot or cold sensation we feel in differing degrees, nevertheless is common. Wealth and control which only a few enjoys does not guarantee they would escape the pending ecological collapse. Collective action is imperative to respond to the ecological crisis. The very same response should be direct and concretely felt at our homes, communities and even the whole planet.
Resistance is an alternative in itself. To resist is to use violence against violence against authority or system. Resistance is also a form of protest action like what is happening in factories. When workers decide to take action by not working, it is a resistance against capitalists or corporations who owns the factory.

Therefore, resistance is a direct action which is used to counter the violent and oppressive system within the workplace through nonviolent means. By which we refer to as creative resistance, we would be able to show examples, experiences and action which should be self-evident already.
proposed processes. Like other creative resistance, which has been happening even prior to this: SKA o Art & Eco Demo is a free-flowing, spontaneous and facilitated by autonomous individuals. Creative potentials are becoming more and more a reality. Becoming creative could only exist within a precondition of freedom, without authority and hierarchies, of which no one monopolizes ideas based on their self-interests. Participation is imperative to affinity groups and individuals or even collectives. There is a conducive environment for skills sharing and intellectual discussions to take part of the creative resistance.

Based on consensus decision making, considering all the initiatives and input of ideas there is an agreement that all participants are volunteers. All volunteers are not representatives of their respective cause or affiliations, out of self determination and volition based on our own will and capacities.
Based on at least 3 meetings, there would be a simultaneous creative resistance against the state of the nation by July 28 at a predetermined area in Kalayaan avenue corner elliptical road in Quezon City. The event would have several components likes art installation, vertical garden, container garden hydrophonics, artwork and other alternative on-the-spot or site-specific interventions. There is also a 200 watts solar power generator system would provide carbon-free electricity to the sound system.
There would also be a musical performances, street theater, poetry readings, dance and in between solidarity messages from the participants including the passersby. Organic food will be shared and a mobile library will be set-up. People can also participate to the workshop on relevant issues.


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