An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines

Art – Ecology – Demonstration : ” Si Malakas at si Maganda

ska poster

Our ancestors came out of a bamboo after a bird pecked it open with its beak. We were born out of nature. We were brought about by the nurturing and violent process of different living ecosystems. Out of this, there came two equal sexes.

The ecological crisis is common to all organisms in the planet, the adverse effects of climate change directly and indirectly take sit toll on each and every one. All walks of life is affected by the destruction of forests and mountains, deterioration of rivers and seas, extinction of different species of flaura and fauna. Despite of international and domestic statures: covenants, protocols, conventions, etc protecting our environment but to no avail. The obliteration of the whole ecosystem is still taking place, the worst thing is, no official nor corporation is accountable to crimes against nature.

While it is true, catastrophes do not spare anyone, rich or poor. The wrath of the planet affects more so, the informal and the urban poor. There is no general, systematic and sincere action from the government to provide climate refugees any reprieve.

There’s no unifying thought to take into account the issue of environmental degradation which would be acceptable to all of earth’s inhabitants. It seems, science cannot provide a common perspective to particular institutions on climate crisis.

Ignorance can be attributed to the cause of general non-interest of serious attention to the environment. There is second to none, more sustainable lifestyle than our indigenous siblings. It is common place, most look down on them as primitives and uncivilized. It is our shortcoming to consider them as backward and undeveloped, it is our arrogance to connect once again to organic culture and spirituality. We are deeply entrenched with consumerism, we no longer produce things, rather we just buy and consume. We constantly seek the other’s to assume who and what we desire, we are already hardwired/ programmed to act and behave accordingly.

The outcome is to become a good Filipino, on the lookout for a deserving representative to think, feel and act for us, leaders who would craft legislation to control our lives further. Unreasonably high taxes, very little opportunity for quality jobs, low compensation, no benefits, high costs of utilities, market liberalization, abandoned fisheries and farm lands, conflict, poverty and hunger. Whoever finds these acceptable and normal they might be directly benefiting from this or downright insane.

Apart from being stupid, it’s safe to assume any word from the president is predictable, directly contrary to the aforementioned: economic growth, more jobs, foreign direct investments, peace agreement, some people got what they deserve from betraying public trust.

All of which were already said by the previous head of the state including her own mother. What is left to do, ignore and disregard any government representative or agent of the state. Everyday living is already making a difference consistent with the environment’s will. We need not put our trust on any politician or party to live no dead time. According to the ecological process. What you are witnessing right now is an indicator of people with create without taking from the environment which is not necessary. Out of our own volition, we affirm art and the environment. Based on autonomous action, own capacity. In coordination with other groups, individuals and collectives. In other words, we start from our homes to our communities. Ecological resistance we learned from our ancestors.







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