An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines

Deep Green Resistance & Mobile Anarchists School Info Tour – Davao Leg

poster davao

D A V A O  I N F O T O U R — Pebrero 2 – 9

Day 1
1:00 pm onwards
Venue: Organic Minds Infoshop
– Expectations, Overview of all events for 1
week, Tasking
– Experiential Sharing
– Sharing Garden and Broken Pattern Press
(Organic Minds)
– KU Projects (KU)
– MAS Leyte Mission (MAS)
– Deep Green Resistance Overview (Kim Hill)
Day 2
Venue: Organic Minds Infoshop
– Solar Power Seminar & Installation Demo (MAS) – Buntag (3 hours max)
– Violence And Non-Violence (Kim Hill) –
Day 3
Venue: Kinaiyahan Unahon Alternative Library & Community Space
History of Resistance (Kim Hill)
Strategy for a Resistance Movement (Kim Hill)
The New Age of Territorialities -Autonomous Spaces / Infoshop and Practical Activism (EtnikoBandido)
Integral Activism Short Presentation (KU)
… usa ka semanang diskusyon bahin sa atong sibilisasyon…

Day 4: 10am-3pm
Venue: METSA Foundation (Tugbok)
“Ecological Sustainability & Grassroots Inititatives Forum”
– GMO Philippine Situationer& Updates  (METSA)
– Liberal vs. Radical perspectives (Kim Hill)
– How Anti-Racism and Feminism work
connect w/ Environmental Activism(Kim Hill)
– Anti-Authoritarian / Anarchist Perspective on History (Bas – Onsite Infoshop/MAS)
– Sharing Garden, Organic Minds community library (Organic Minds Collective)
– KU Project Presentation (KU)
Day 5
Venue: Bernardo High School (Tigatto, Buhangin)
“Cultural Paradigm Shift Forum”
– Civilization Story and Western Culture (Kim Hill)
– Empathy Music presentation
– Leyte Mission (MAS)
HAPON: (In progress)
Venue: Social Science Department – Ateneo de Davao University
“Social and Environmental Movements: Solidarity Building and Resistance”
– Western Civilization Story (Kim Hill)
– KU Projects Presentation & A Quick view of Integral Activism (KU)
– Anti-Authoritarian / Anarchist Perspective on History (Bas of Onsite Infoshop/MAS)
– Sharing Garden as Alternative Culture (Organic Minds Collective)
Day 6-7
2 Day Ecological Camping in Linusotan, Talicud Island, IGACOS
Ideological sharing: Sharing of philosophical foundations, ideological
tenets, personal and collective experiences on strategies &
effectiveness of action, etc. Performances: Tagahabi Firedancers, Empathy, others…
Workshops: Shadow Work for Activists; Yoga Asanas & Meditation
Note: Open for suggestions pa ni…. kung naa moy ma suggest,
mas ayus.


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