An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines

Crimethink & Beehive Infotour – Onsite, Muntinlupa City Leg


On 10th of January 2014,Crimethink and Beehive visited us in Onsite, Barangay Buli Muntinlupa City. Performance and discussions in the public brought fun and information to our community.

Testament of Test Their Logic is a revolutionary hip hop, he is also part of Crimethink which is known to many anarchists and anti-authoritarian activists particularly in Manila and Davao, Philippines. He came to perform and share revolutionary messages against market institutions and the state.


Sakura of Beehive collective presented an epic illustration of situation in Mesoamerica. She discussed the operations of trade agreements such WTO, AFTA, G8 and the likes; and financial institutions like IMF-World Bank. She described the exploitative policies carried out by these institutions that caused poverty, ecological destruction, slavery and marginalization of the communities. Through the help of a local volunteer, issues and concerns related to trade liberalization and investments were contextualized so that the community can easily understand and appreciate the extent of exploitation of the people and environment under the capitalist regime.




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