An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines

Climate Crises and Direct Action Forum


Local Autonomous Network shares their most recent solidarity in typhoon afflicted area Leyte during a forum at Asian Theological Seminary last Thursday (Nov. 28).


LAN levels-off the expectation from the participants at the start of the Climate Change and Direct Action Forum at ATS. Afterwards, Bas Umali of Onsite Infoshop/LAN shared the repeated patterns of manmade, natural disasters and state’s response to climate change.



Then, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice and Focus on the Global South’s Joseph Puruganan provided data on climate change and presented some insights on the upcoming World Trade Organization Ministerial Meeting in Bali, Indonesia in less than a month.


The issue on ASEAN 2015 and local electric cooperatives were also discussed during the open exchange. By noon, LAN shared their experiences in the town of San Miguel Leyte and how they made use of solar energy to provide a more sustained relief to the folks of Leyte.


Solar Energy Generator System became one of the main topic of discussions, Luis Cruto of Solar Energy Philippines shared insights and experience with regard to technicalities, house hold application  and some issues.

Solar energy application is one of the focus of Mobile Anarchist School (MAS). Onsite Infoshop is one of the partners of the MAS in conducting series of activities related to solar;  which is aimed of improving its application in household and community level.



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