An Anarchist and Autonomous Community-Based Resource Center in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines

The Happening – Metro Manila Leg

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The first leg of Philippine tour of The Happening’ is packed of events that are not usual to a punk band touring in Metro Manila. They arrived afternoon on the 30th of September 2013 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and went straight to Onsite Infoshop in Muntinlupa City. Had a short discussion with their itinerary, made some adjustments and finalized the schedule of Metro Manila events.

Volunteers from Local Autonomous Network (LAN) assisted them in their visit in National Museum; this activity is part of educational aspect of their tour. LAN volunteers discussed some historical and prehistoric anarchists’ practices in the archipelago through the overwhelming evidences displayed at the museum.

After which, the group proceeded to Cubao Quezon City. The Non-Collective (NC) crew prepared a little solidarity party to welcome our foreign counterparts. We discussed meaning full ideas and activities. We sung, we drunk we talked non-sense, we got loud, we got tired and we had fun.

On the 3rd of October, the band performed at the event coordinated by Onsite Infoshop.  Food Not Bombs and a program brought fun with flood victims; the evacuees were served with hot champorado prepared by Onsite Infoshop, Etnikobandido Infoshop and local volunteers; and sandwich prepared by the volunteers from Barangay Buli local government.

LAN conducted discussions on climate change and its relation to flood. The Happenings also discussed their anti-nuclear advocacy through the help of a translator from the local.

On the fourth of October, Buli Elementary School invited the band to perform in Teacher’s Day program. The master of ceremony discussed ecological and some social issues in between of his facilitation.

The night of October  fifth was totally awesome!  A gig organized by Flower Grave and Non Collective held in “The Spot Bar”, Caloocan. These two groups of people consistently organizing/participating different activities since mid 2000s. Usually, they have talks and solidarity speeches from individuals and collectives who are involved in different activities such as workshops, conferences, protests and among others.  Flower Grave and NC were both active in major events such as Occupy Luneta, anti-pork barrel protests and anti-election protests.

The band performed on the sixth of October in Autonomy Bar in Mandaluyong. Comrades showed-up to watch the show and shared some solidarity talks.

The following night is another show in Conspiracy Bar in Quezon City.  After short talks which includes introduction and short background of the event; performers called up to stage while waiting for more people to come.

At 9:30 in evening, The Happening finally performed not to close their Metro Manila Leg, but to prepare the anti-authoritarian scene and punk community for more bigger event.  On the 18th of October they will perform in “The Spirit of the Streets”  in Central Bicutan Covered Court.  A Punk Festival organized by anarchists volunteers connected to LAN.


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