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Iraq Signs Contracts With Foreign Oil Companies

By Bernie V. Lopez

Venezuelan President-elect Nicolas Maduro accused the US of planning a coup against him. This is a repeat of what the US did in Iran. When Iran booted out US-UK oil multinationals, the CIA launched a coup to install its pro-American puppet, the Shah. Venezuela, like Iran, has vast oil and gas resources. It ranks no. 2 in the world in terms of oil reserves of 211.2 billion barrels (bbl). Saudi ranks no. 1 with 262.6 bbl. Iran ranks no. 4 with 137.0 bbl. The predator stalks an oil-rich prey. The vast oil resources of Iraq, Iran, and Venezuelan are the cause of their misery. It would be better if they had no oil. They would be poor and happy.

Paul Craig Roberts, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, writes, “The new president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is cast in Chavez’s mold. On May 4, he called US president Obama the ‘grand chief of devils’. Obama, who has betrayed democracy in America, unleashing execution on American citizens without due process of law and war without the consent of Congress, provoked Maduro’s response by suggesting that Maduro’s newly elected government might be fraudulent. Obviously, Obama is piqued that the millions of dollars his administration spent trying to elect an American puppet instead of Maduro failed to do the job.”

Knowing the gall of the superpower historically, it will try to get Venezuelan oil by hook or by crook, even if collateral damage soars, even if the entire international community condemns it. Will the US-CIA stage another coup to depose Maduro? Will it orchestrate events that would undermine his credibility and power? The last resort for the US is invasion, for which they must find a very good pretext, not this WMD issue.

Here is an American feedback to this article. “The Institute for Energy Research estimates the total volume of technically recoverable oil reserves in all areas of the United States (including technically recoverable oil from shale) to be 1.442 trillion barrels of oil.” This estimate is questionable. Oil excerpts say that there is no science yet capable of accurately estimating of oil volumes deep in the ground.
Also, if this is true, why does the US wage wars in the name of oil, as in Iraq, and maybe soon as in Iran?

Here are some statistics. Casualties of US war and occupation – Iraqis 1,455,590 versus US soldiers 4,801, a ratio of 1 is to to 300. The 9/11 casualties of about 5,000 and number of Iraqis killed, 4,801, are just about even, which reminds us of the biblical phrase ‘an eye for an eye’.

The number of casualties in all the wars America has waged abroad has a ratio of 1 American killed for every 100 to 1,000 of its enemies. The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has reached $1.443 trillion, enough to feed all poor people worldwide for two months. After every terror attack, as in the Boston bombing, the preoccupation to find the culprits is understandable. But the lack of effort in studying the real historical causes of terrorism is not understandable. A Time Magazine cover after 9/11 read “Why do they hate us?” Today, the average American does not know the real causes of terrorism, blaming the problem on terrorists, which they have themselves somehow bred through the wars they have waged in the Middle East in the name of oil. The grapple for the last drops of oil will trigger World War III if humankind fails to achieve energy alternatives on a massive scale.


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