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US Nokor

Leave NOKOR alone, for Heaven’s Sake!!

By Bernie Lopez

When a small dog is cornered by a bigger dog, it will fight back to the death, no matter what the odds are. If you leave it alone, you can work to make it docile. The U.S. is the big black Doberman, and North Korea is the tiny French poodle. For decades, the U.S. has been applying the principle of intimidation to force North Korea to its knees. It is not working. All the bases and nukes and subs and carriers they have fielded around North Korea have ironically made it more adamant, forcing it to resort to nukes. The big dog is simply making the underdog more vicious.

There is a simple magic formula. If the U.S. withdraws presence from the Korean Peninsula, the chances of the poodle withdrawing its fangs, and unilaterally unbuckling its nukes is much greater. The nukes are for the US forces around. It will be so easy for North-South Korea Synergy without the U.S. around. The Americans cannot see this simple but ingenious geopolitical strategy because of a mental disease called the Hiroshima Syndrome.

The U.S. acquired this mental disorder at the end of World War II. When they nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, their intense euphoria for finally ending World War II by bringing the fanatic Japanese warrior to its knees, convinced them that this is the only way to deal with the world. The Hiroshima Syndrome, ironically works on the logic of saving lives, Americans that is, and really does not care for lives, non-American, that is. A U.S. drone will kill 5 terrorists and 100 civilians to save 15 American lives. They call it collateral damage. They do not care about proportions as long as less Americans are killed. The euphoria of Hiroshima has blinded them all these years into adopting this principle of superiority, intimidation, and fear to force peace.

This syndrome was the same eerie mindset of great American generals like Patton, MacArthur, Westmoreland, and Petraeus. Patton did not care if he lost 90% of his men, as long as he won in the end, the same logic as in Hiroshima. MacArthur was worse. He wanted to nuke Shanghai and Beijing to end the Korean War, the same logic as in Hiroshima. He was serious. It was not a joke. His plan was kept secret for a long time to save the face of a charismatic hero and of the U.S.

Westmoreland said he could end the Vietnam war in two months if he was permitted to commit genocide. His request was turned down. Petraeus mutilated Iraqi society through protracted occupation that led to a virtual civil war, and for that, his fan Robert Gates called him “the nation’s greatest battle captain”. He was a hero because he fooled the White House into believing casualties were decreasing, when in truth he increased casualties first to unprecedented levels. Field records for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during his command are missing for unknown reasons, according to Wikipedia.

Yet the Hiroshima Syndrome did not work in Vietnam. The superpower was beaten by a Third World medieval agricultural country only because, like Westmoreland, they could not openly commit genocide. So they tried it clandestinely in Laos. Nixon and Kissinger ordered the CIA to conduct the greatest and most secret saturation bombing of history. They dropped in Laos more bombs, including napalm, a prototype WMD, than in the entire World War II without the world knowing it, killing 140,000. Why is Nixon and Kissinger not being tried for a war crime of genocide? Are Americans exempt? Smaller crimes in the Serbian War were charged in court. When the Americans left Laos, the communists regrouped, and ironically became stronger because of the massacre. They wanted to stop communism, but made it grow instead.

The Hiroshima Syndrome is now an epidemic in the U.S. It has weakened the anti-war movement. The peace-loving American is vanishing. The kick-ass culture prevails. The syndrome has catalyzed the neo-totalitarianism of Wall Street, which believes in wars as the catalyst for economic growth. (View the film ‘Inside Job’, which triggered ‘Occupy Wall Street, which may be phase one of a new US civil war. The film is banned in the U.S., but available in the Internet).

When will America wake up. When will it learn to replace diplomacy of threat with diplomacy of partnership, superiority with equality, arrogance with humility, force with persuasion? There is a Filipino saying in answer, “When the raven turns white.”


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